Harry Potter

Sometimes, though not very often, I wear shoes that aren’t Irregular Choice. I have to say it is very seldom! Down the years I have collected shoes that reflect things I love. These include Disney and the shoes I am sharing today - Harry Potter shoes. I love Harry Potter and all things Harry Potter related and I have found some beautiful Harry Potter shoes.


Most of these are flat ballet pumps and are very practical and comfortable. I have sourced them from many people I found on social media.


The pair with the Quidditch pitch and the Boats on the water are hand painted by @charlottespiers81. They are really soft and comfortable and feel almost like slippers. More people admire them when I wear them. The purple pair were done by @cornish_wench_designs. I love the colour of these and the 3d golden snitch is amazing.

In the first picture the the lace up shoes are from Primark. They are very comfortable and practical and were very cheap! The flat pumps beside the lace ups are from a Facebook page I found called The House of the Divine. These are also very soft and comfortable. The heels I have a long time and I love them. They are from @curiouserandcuriousershoes. I have other shoes I got from the same place and I love them all. I intend getting Marauder’s map shoes from here too.

Last few pairs! The green Slytherin ones and the ones on the right of the 3rd picture are from @dragonfly_heels. The shoes in the 2nd picture with the golden snitch are from @groovyshoes_accessories. The last two pairs I have are the colourful ones in the 2nd picture and the black and white Snape ones in the last picture. These are from Northern Lights Custom shoes on Facebook.

I love the idea I can share my love of Harry Potter through my love of shoes! Although they are not Irregular Choice they are still beautiful shoes. I am waiting patiently on Dan Sullivan to do a Harry Potter launch.