Family Reunion launch

We’ve reached the end of May and our weekly launches are over. I have enjoyed all the new shoes and all the parcels arriving and will certainly miss that. I have enjoyed all the excitement as we waited to see what delights would appear each Friday. Some weeks I was more excited by the shoes than others but I bought every week! My bank account will probably be glad of a rest at this stage but I’m a little sad it’s over. Being in rural Ireland, sometimes the wait for the parcels is 4 or 5 days. Watching photos go up on social media on the Saturday has made me very impatient at times this month. I was only getting my parcels by the time the next launch was ready to happen!!

And so we come to Friday - the big launch. I had a day off work to take and decided to take it on Friday. All morning I watched social media and saw people heading to launches. I waited, not very patiently, for pictures to appear so I could decide what I should buy. The excitement was building. By midday I had the computer and the phone ready to start. I got into the site very quickly and was on @daisymaeboutiqueni and @lottiesatik at the same time. I was trying to buy from the 2 small stores but with all my going over and back they were selling out. I managed to get what I wanted though I missed the Love Fools through indecision. I hovered a long time over Fuzzy McFrosty. My hang ups about my age came a little bit to the top again. I found my inner voice whispering are you ever going to wear those gnome heels. They are too high and too bright for you at almost 49. I heard the same whispers about the Fantastic Fawn. I bought both pairs although I’ll have to work on silencing the voice before I wear them. I fully intend wearing them! I didn’t manage to overcome the voices about the Fuzzy McFrosty.

The wait for the parcels has begun. I’ll put up pictures as they arrive though it will be Tues or Wed. Will also put them on my instagram @40somethingic.