Gnome heels

Last night I went out - an event that doesn’t happen often. I was in two minds as I got ready as to whether I’d wear the gnome heels. My inner voice began whispering - they’re too tight, they’re too high, it’s not a dressed up night. I wore a plain black jumpsuit so they were going to match perfectly. I changed my mind a few times - I was going to wear them, no I wasn’t, yes I would ……… Eventually I decided to wear them and I did. What I really love about Irregular Choice is the confidence and the feeling of empowerment I get when I silence those voices. Confidence isn’t something I’ve always had a lot of but Irregular Choice is one of the things that’s helping me with that. I felt really good when I was wearing them and still feel good that I wore them!

Screenshot (4).png

Picture and jumpsuit from ASOS website

Thw detail on these is amazing. The sparkle is beautiful, the colours are bright. The 2 gnomes are perfect and the jewel detail just sets them off. The right shoe is a little tight on me as my right foot is fractionally bigger than my left but as long as I take my time and make sure my toes aren’t curled they are fine. They are too high for me to wear to work or to occasions that involve a lot of walking so for me they are “going out” shoes but I really love them.