Family Reunion part 2

It has been a long week but also an exciting week. From Saturday people began getting their parcels and I was still waiting! People were discussing the fit on social media and the message was the character heels were running small. I began to panic a little bit. Finally on Tuesday my first two parcels arrived from Daisy Mae Boutique NI and from Lotties Atik. I was like a child at Christmas!!

I opened the bag first and I love it. i have other bags the same shape and size and I love them. This one has beautiful colours and sparkle and I love the pink deer. The Fawny shoes were next. Again I love the sparkle and the colours. They are so soft. I wore them today and they completely improved my whole mood since it was a dark dismal day!

Today when I got back from school my other 2 parcels had arrived. I bought both of these from the irregular choice site.

These are amazing shoes. I tried them on nervously. I definitely could not have sized up but I may need to stretch them a little bit. They will push me far out of my comfort zone. They are incredibly high and very over the top. I love the colours and the sparkle. The gnome with the pink glittery beard and boots is fabulous as is the pink deer. Now I just need to find an occasion to wear them as they are far too high for work!! Where would you wear them?