Warrior Heart

I’ve decided to focus more on my shoes in some of my blog posts and the first is about the Warrior Heart shoes from the Snow White/ Mulan launch. These shoes weren’t previewed early. Although I loved the shoes that were previewed I knew they were too high. I also knew I wanted something from the Mulan range. I have to say I hoped for Sulu shaped ones but there was none that style at all. The only flats were the Whistle While you Work ones which I also got! I wear flats and lower heels much more than very high ones now although I did get Evil Queens as well.

Warrior Heart are the same shape as Sway, The Look of Love and Truly Forever. I love the shape though after a long day wearing them the toe on my left foot hurts a bit!

These come in the princess box and are wrapped in the new princess tissue paper.

They are lovely shoes. The shoe is covered with beautiful pink silky material with Mulan printed on it. The heel is covered with the most beautiful golden glitter which is also on the toe. The glitter has flecks of colour through it. The big waterlily detail on the front sets these shoes apart. The flower actually opens a bit as you walk. I put the cardboard ring back around the flower before I put them back in the box. I never thought I’d write a blog post called Warrior Heart! I am however very happy bought these and know I’ll wear them loads. They are, for me, a great substitute for the amazing rotating heels!

My Journey so Far

I suppose at this stage I should tell you all a bit about my journey so far. 25 or 30 years ago I was a lot less confident and a lot more anxious to fit in with what I thought was normal. I didn’t like being ‘normal’ but was afraid not to be. I suppose I felt people would talk about me or worse laugh at me and at the time I was living more through what other people thought. I was living from the outside in. I was totally controlled by external factors. I spent my life reacting to things that I had no control over. I let things control me. After being dealt a couple of harsh blows by life I, first of all, lost too much weight and then put on way too much weight. I came to a point in my life where shoes were the only things I could buy that would fit me. That’s where the obsession with shoes began.

Then many many moons ago my best friend bought me a pair of Irregular Choice shoes


And so began the obsession. It was slow at the start. I loved the shoes but I would not have worn them so it was a pair now and again. I always felt great when I was wearing them. I didn’t have any really irregular ones just the more mainstream versions. As the years went on I began wearing less regular shoes to work - I am a teacher in a primary school. I started with flat Dogo shoes. I then bought some hand painted or custom made shoes. My Christmas collection of custom shoes is particularly good. But then about 2 and a half or 3 years ago I rediscovered my passion for Irregular Choice. Now I wear Irregular Choice almost every day. I wear all of them to school from the more regular to the absolutely irregular. I’m slower to wear the more irregular ones out when it’s not to school and that’s what I’m working on at the minute. I did push the boundaries of my comfort zone completely last Christmas and wore Mr and Mrs Clause high heels even though they light up. The shoes were the first step for me on an ongoing journey to being happy being me. They are what keeps me on track on days where I’m doubting. They remind me to be positive and to get rid of all negative thoughts. They remind me to push outside my comfort zone. When I do meet people who point and laugh (doesn’t happen often) it helps me work on my resilience. Through the next few posts I’d like to share more of my journey with you and how my irregular shoes support me as I go. (And I’ve shared a little Christmas in July)

Gnome heels

Last night I went out - an event that doesn’t happen often. I was in two minds as I got ready as to whether I’d wear the gnome heels. My inner voice began whispering - they’re too tight, they’re too high, it’s not a dressed up night. I wore a plain black jumpsuit so they were going to match perfectly. I changed my mind a few times - I was going to wear them, no I wasn’t, yes I would ……… Eventually I decided to wear them and I did. What I really love about Irregular Choice is the confidence and the feeling of empowerment I get when I silence those voices. Confidence isn’t something I’ve always had a lot of but Irregular Choice is one of the things that’s helping me with that. I felt really good when I was wearing them and still feel good that I wore them!

Screenshot (4).png

Picture and jumpsuit from ASOS website

Thw detail on these is amazing. The sparkle is beautiful, the colours are bright. The 2 gnomes are perfect and the jewel detail just sets them off. The right shoe is a little tight on me as my right foot is fractionally bigger than my left but as long as I take my time and make sure my toes aren’t curled they are fine. They are too high for me to wear to work or to occasions that involve a lot of walking so for me they are “going out” shoes but I really love them.

Harry Potter

Sometimes, though not very often, I wear shoes that aren’t Irregular Choice. I have to say it is very seldom! Down the years I have collected shoes that reflect things I love. These include Disney and the shoes I am sharing today - Harry Potter shoes. I love Harry Potter and all things Harry Potter related and I have found some beautiful Harry Potter shoes.


Most of these are flat ballet pumps and are very practical and comfortable. I have sourced them from many people I found on social media.


The pair with the Quidditch pitch and the Boats on the water are hand painted by @charlottespiers81. They are really soft and comfortable and feel almost like slippers. More people admire them when I wear them. The purple pair were done by @cornish_wench_designs. I love the colour of these and the 3d golden snitch is amazing.

In the first picture the the lace up shoes are from Primark. They are very comfortable and practical and were very cheap! The flat pumps beside the lace ups are from a Facebook page I found called The House of the Divine. These are also very soft and comfortable. The heels I have a long time and I love them. They are from @curiouserandcuriousershoes. I have other shoes I got from the same place and I love them all. I intend getting Marauder’s map shoes from here too.

Last few pairs! The green Slytherin ones and the ones on the right of the 3rd picture are from @dragonfly_heels. The shoes in the 2nd picture with the golden snitch are from @groovyshoes_accessories. The last two pairs I have are the colourful ones in the 2nd picture and the black and white Snape ones in the last picture. These are from Northern Lights Custom shoes on Facebook.

I love the idea I can share my love of Harry Potter through my love of shoes! Although they are not Irregular Choice they are still beautiful shoes. I am waiting patiently on Dan Sullivan to do a Harry Potter launch.

Family Reunion part 2

It has been a long week but also an exciting week. From Saturday people began getting their parcels and I was still waiting! People were discussing the fit on social media and the message was the character heels were running small. I began to panic a little bit. Finally on Tuesday my first two parcels arrived from Daisy Mae Boutique NI and from Lotties Atik. I was like a child at Christmas!!

I opened the bag first and I love it. i have other bags the same shape and size and I love them. This one has beautiful colours and sparkle and I love the pink deer. The Fawny shoes were next. Again I love the sparkle and the colours. They are so soft. I wore them today and they completely improved my whole mood since it was a dark dismal day!

Today when I got back from school my other 2 parcels had arrived. I bought both of these from the irregular choice site.

These are amazing shoes. I tried them on nervously. I definitely could not have sized up but I may need to stretch them a little bit. They will push me far out of my comfort zone. They are incredibly high and very over the top. I love the colours and the sparkle. The gnome with the pink glittery beard and boots is fabulous as is the pink deer. Now I just need to find an occasion to wear them as they are far too high for work!! Where would you wear them?

Family Reunion launch

We’ve reached the end of May and our weekly launches are over. I have enjoyed all the new shoes and all the parcels arriving and will certainly miss that. I have enjoyed all the excitement as we waited to see what delights would appear each Friday. Some weeks I was more excited by the shoes than others but I bought every week! My bank account will probably be glad of a rest at this stage but I’m a little sad it’s over. Being in rural Ireland, sometimes the wait for the parcels is 4 or 5 days. Watching photos go up on social media on the Saturday has made me very impatient at times this month. I was only getting my parcels by the time the next launch was ready to happen!!

And so we come to Friday - the big launch. I had a day off work to take and decided to take it on Friday. All morning I watched social media and saw people heading to launches. I waited, not very patiently, for pictures to appear so I could decide what I should buy. The excitement was building. By midday I had the computer and the phone ready to start. I got into the site very quickly and was on @daisymaeboutiqueni and @lottiesatik at the same time. I was trying to buy from the 2 small stores but with all my going over and back they were selling out. I managed to get what I wanted though I missed the Love Fools through indecision. I hovered a long time over Fuzzy McFrosty. My hang ups about my age came a little bit to the top again. I found my inner voice whispering are you ever going to wear those gnome heels. They are too high and too bright for you at almost 49. I heard the same whispers about the Fantastic Fawn. I bought both pairs although I’ll have to work on silencing the voice before I wear them. I fully intend wearing them! I didn’t manage to overcome the voices about the Fuzzy McFrosty.

The wait for the parcels has begun. I’ll put up pictures as they arrive though it will be Tues or Wed. Will also put them on my instagram @40somethingic.